A port in Gaza: Why the U.S. sees it as a solution to aid deliverie

As Gaza's 2.3 million population face "catastrophic" levels of hunger,  

the US, the European Union, and other countries are building a temporary dock to carry assistance by sea.  

The initial steps were taken over the weekend, when the US Army stated that a ship was on its way to the Mediterranean Sea with the equipment needed to establish the port  

, which might take up to two months.  

How does help now reach Gaza?  

Since Hamas assaulted southern Israel on October 7, Israel has significantly restricted food and water delivery and fully cut off gas to Gaza.   

Israel and Egypt have already blockaded the enclave since 2007.  

Aid continues to enter Gaza through Israel's Kerem Shalom border crossing and Egypt's Rafah gate. However, Israel refuses to open two further crossings, and where it does allow access, relief groups claim that its inspectors often deny valid humanitarian items admission.  


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