Anti-abortion advocates condemn GOP as insufficiently ‘pro-life’ on IVF

The anti-abortion lobby is attacking Republican politicians who back proposals to safeguard in vitro fertilization, accusing them of condoning murder.  

In recent weeks, many politicians have raced to the right side of popular opinion on IVF,  

but some of the country's largest and most important anti-abortion groups are pushing back.  

Several have assailed state and federal senators who sponsored legislation to safeguard IVF after the Alabama Supreme Court declared last month that frozen embryos are children, accusing them of granting physicians a "license to kill" and that their actions will result in "thousands of dead human beings."  

Other groups are going a step farther, airing commercials against longtime GOP allies that employ the same horrific imagery — blood, infants, and scalpels — that they have long used to criticize Democrats and the abortion-rights movement.  

The debate over IVF highlights a growing rift as Republicans cope with the new political and legislative implications of enacting legislation stating that life starts at conception.   

After decades of marching together against Roe v. Wade, conservatives are battling in the post-Roe period over what it means to  


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