Elegant and Enchanting: Baby Names Beginning with E 

Elena (Greek origin): Meaning "bright, shining light," Elena exudes grace and beauty, perfect for your little ray of sunshine. 

Ethan (Hebrew origin): Signifying "strong, firm," Ethan is a name for a resilient and determined child, destined for greatness. 

Eva (Hebrew origin): Derived from the Hebrew word for "life," Eva symbolizes vitality and the precious gift of existence. 

Elijah (Hebrew origin): Meaning "Yahweh is God," Elijah carries a sense of divine strength and guidance, fitting for a leader. 

Emma (German origin): With roots in Germanic mythology, Emma translates to "whole" or "universal," embodying completeness and inclusivity. 

Evan (Welsh origin): Signifying "young warrior," Evan represents bravery and courage, ideal for a child destined to overcome challenges. 

Elise (French origin): Derived from the Hebrew name Elizabeth, Elise means "pledged to God," symbolizing devotion and faithfulness. 

Ezra (Hebrew origin): Meaning "help" or "helper," Ezra evokes the spirit of assistance and support, making it a nurturing choice for your little one. 


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