'Food of the Gods': Archaeologists Discover Historical Fact About Chocolate

Archaeologists have shed insight on chocolate's origins by tracking the spread of the cacao tree.  

A recent research published in Scientific Reports discovered that the cacao tree,   

which produces cocoa beans, appears to have began spreading from the Amazon to other locations at least 5,000 years ago through human migration and trading routes.  

"Humans have a long history of transporting and trading plants, contributing to the evolution of domesticated plants," the researchers said in their paper.   

Theobroma cacao originated in the Neotropics, specifically South America.   

However, nothing is known about its domestication and application in these areas."  

Claire Lanaud and colleagues examined the remnants of 352 ceramic pots from 5,900 to 400 years old discovered in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Belize, and Panama.  


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