Fresh-Steamed Green Beans  

Steaming (not too long!) guarantees crisp-tender green beans every time. With this simple recipe, you may add cooked green beans to a salad or try other flavors.  

Green beans are a non-starchy vegetable with vitamin A, C, K, and fiber. Green beans include certain B vitamins. Overall, green beans are a fantastic vegetable for blood sugar management.  

As is, green beans are gluten-free. Be careful what you put to them. The cream of mushroom soup and crunchy fried onions in a green bean casserole are created using wheat flour.   

Use gluten-free all-purpose flour and bread crumbs to make our green bean casserole gluten-free from scratch.  

Good fresh beans make good steaming green beans. Find green beans that are fully green, plump, and spotless.   

Bigger beans may be less delicate and delicious. While green beans are available year-round, they are freshest from early summer to early October.  

Before steaming, remove green bean stems. To save time, line up the stems on a chopping board and snap them off individually or in batches. We like whole green beans steamed. You can leave them long or trim them after steaming and cooling.  

Stovetop steamer baskets cook green beans for 5–7 minutes. Reduce time to keep them crisp. Microwave-steam green beans.  

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