How protein shakes can help you lose weight and a homemade recipe to get you started

 It makes sense that people are turning to protein drinks to help them lose a few extra pounds as more and more information about the advantages of protein for weight loss comes to light. 

 Protein smoothies are widely available at health food stores and supermarkets, but they're not a panacea for weight loss and overall wellness. 

 What you need know about protein shakes and if they're a good fit for you to lose weight is provided here.

 Protein shakes can help with weight loss if combined with a nutritious diet and calorie deficit, according to Kristi Veltkamp, a registered dietitian at Spectrum Health. 

  For instance, a 200-calorie shake could help people reach the necessary calorie deficit to support weight loss instead of a 500–700 calorie lunch.

 Research to date supports this: in a small 2018 study of Chinese people who were overweight or obese, those who substituted 

  a 388-calorie protein shake for supper for 12 weeks lost more weight and reduced their BMI more than those who had dinner as usual.

 Those who consumed their usual meal only lost almost half a pound, while the protein shake groups shed an average of roughly 9.5 pounds.

 However, since any extra calories would be stored as fat, eating additional protein does not guarantee weight loss


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