Japanese cucumber salad (Sunomono)

If you live near an Asian market, you can use Japanese cucumbers instead of English or slicing cucumbers in this sunomono. Some recipes recommend salting the cucumbers first,  

but we found that pressing them on paper towels removed enough moisture without adding sodium. Japanese-inspired salad is refreshing, crisp, and tasty.  

Instead of Japanese cucumbers, you can use slicing or hot house cucumbers to make sunomono. This dish calls for crisp, delicious cucumber slices.   

Seeding and partially peeling slicing cucumbers is necessary since they have stronger skin and more seeds. English or hot house cucumbers are occasionally marketed as "seedless.  

They have tiny seeds that don't need to be removed. They don't need peeling because their skin is thinner.  

When cut and mixed with other ingredients, cucumbers leak water. To avoid this, salt the cucumbers, let them sit to drain, then pat them dry.   

Use two layers of paper towels to gently squeeze them. Both approaches work, but double-layer paper towels reduce sodium.  

Leave green streaks on cucumbers after peeling. Cut the cucumbers in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds. Cut thin slices with a sharp knife or wide veggie peeler. Put in a second layer of paper towels and squeeze off excess wet.  

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