Not Vegan, but This Dairy-Free Chocolate Bar Is the Best Ever

Since trying this chocolate bar, I've been thinking about it and want to share it. Never would guess it's dairy-free.

My brother is vegan, so my mom constantly tries to locate new plant-based chocolate and gummy candy for him and the family to taste on candy-giving holidays. Mom set up her vegan candy mini display for my brother again this Easter.

This year, a new dark chocolate bar called my name among the vegan treats, so I had to try it. I did, and my world improved.

I still remember loving this Hu Kitchen Cashew Butter & Vanilla Bean Dark Chocolate Bar.   

Cashew Butter + Pure Vanilla Bean Dark Chocolate Bars (6 Pack)

The semisweet, bitter dark chocolate complements the pure vanilla bean's sweetness. The smoothness of the cashew butter prompted me check the label to make sure this bar was vegan.  

Hu Kitchen chocolate bars are dairy-free and palm oil-free, making them vegan. These plant-based snacks are free of refined sugar,  

cane sugar, and sugar alcohol, which is excellent for those sensitive to sugar replacements or trying to cut back on added sugar.   

I also approve of the eco-friendly paper packing!  

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