Pioneering Vegan Soul Food Restuarant Souley Vegan Is Making a Comeback

Tamearra Dyson, owner of Souley Vegan, revealed that her 14-year-old restaurant at 301 Broadway would close in October 2023.   

She did, however, provide a ray of optimism, telling the Chronicle that she intended to relaunch the restaurant somewhere.   

Now it appears that day has arrived. According to the Mercury News, Dyson's restaurant will open in April at Martinez's Market & Main food hall.  

When representatives from the food hall learned Dyson intended to relocate her business, they contacted her, and the arrangement moved forward from there.   

No specific opening date was mentioned.  

Permitting issues strike Saltwater Bakeshop. San Francisco is well-known for its complex regulatory process,  

and new bakery Saltwater Bakeshop is the latest to be caught up in it. Owner Britney Dunn Holden tells the San Francisco Chronicle that work on her new location has yet to begin in the 11 months after she signed the lease.   


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