Skittles launch a first-ever drink as early reviews compare it to Prime

Skittles has launched their first-ever drink edition, with promising early reviews.  

Adin Ross, a YouTuber and TikTok influencer, was among the few to try the selection of new flavored drinks, prompting many fans to find out how they can 'taste the rainbow' too.  

Skittles launches its candy-flavored beverages. Reports of the new release appeared last year,  

, and months later, Skittle beverages in a variety of flavors are available for purchase.  

The Candy Passport at Liberty Public Market in San Diego shared a video on TikTok highlighting all of the new varieties available in the store.   

Another TikTok user claimed to have purchased the Skittles drink in a shop in Berlin.  

Skittle did not formally disclose their new edition, so fans were astonished to find reviews describing the flavor of the new beverages, which contain only 1% juice.  


・BITE-SIZED SNACK: Litle Caesars' Crazy Puffs in two new flavors are suitable for any occasion.  


They are offered in four flavors: wild berry, original, tropical, and sour.  


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