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Hello, busy bees! Greetings from the Spelling Bee forum today. Many terminology that are used in this story and other online debates about the Spelling Bee are included below in a glossary that was put together by Times reader Monicat.

How To Play Spelling Bee – Words must include the center letter. – Words must contain at least four letters. – Letters can be used more than once.

– Our word list does not include words that are offensive, obscure, hyphenated or proper nouns. – Four-letter words are worth one point each.

– Longer words earn one point per letter. A six-letter word is worth six points. – Each puzzle includes at least one “pangram,” which uses every letter at least once. A pangram is worth an additional seven points.

Glossary Thanks to reader Monicat for compiling this glossary of common terms people use when talking about the Spelling Bee:

2LL — Two Letter List: The number of accepted words that begin with the indicated two letters. BINGO — All seven letters in the puzzle are used to start at least one word in the word list.

Pangram — A word that uses all seven letters at least once. Some puzzles will have more than one pangram. A pangram is worth seven extra points. 

Perfect Pangram — A pangram that uses each letter only once, e.g., a seven-letter pangram. GN4L — Genius, No 4 Letters: You’ve reached Genius level without any four-letter words. Though we may want to say four-letter words while trying to get to Genius without them.

GN4L OTN — Genius, No 4 Letters, On The Nose: You’ve scored exactly the number of points to achieve Genius without using four-letter words.

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